Baby Massage Oil

$ 14.99

Oil massage has great significance in the Ayurvedic tradition. A loving touch between the baby and parent builds trust and increases the bond between the two. The massage makes the baby feel at ease all while providing a relaxing yet stimulating touch. Ayurvedic practioners boast of the many health benefits of massaging the skin with oil.  Your baby will thoroughly enjoy this...

Coffee Facial Cream

$ 19.99

Give your face a pick me up with this exuberant coffee face cream made with coffee essential oil from Venezuela. The facial cream is made with premium antioxidant botanical ingredients including green tea, white tea, gingko biloba. The olive squalene boosts oxygenation and speeds the healing of the skin while the rosehip oil, and algae extract rejuvenate and repair.  This facial...

Cucumber and Green Tea Facial Wash

$ 12.99

Get deep down Green Tea clean with this Green Tea and Cucumber Facial Cleanser. Renowned for its great antioxidant benefits, Organic Green Tea helps create a purifying cleansing experience in this non-foaming, deep cleaning, non-drying cleanser. Lactose adds an extra brightening and refining effect that is just perfect for those customers looking for help to feel soft, supple, and renewed. Add...

Cucumber Collection

$ 24.99

The exclusive cucumber collection includes the green tea and cucumber facial wash and cucumber toner made with real cucumber! When buying these products together, you save more than 20% when compared to buying them separately.  Prepare to feel refreshed! Your face will think you. 

Cucumber Toner

$ 12.99

Your face has never felt this refreshed! The cucumber toner is made with cucumber distillate, organic aloe juice, witch hazel distillate, and tea tree essential oil. Toning is a critical component in your skincare routine. Toners balance the ph, minimize pores, and prepares the skin for a maximum moisture absorption.  Directions: Apply to skin after cleansing, allow to dry, and...

Facial Oil Cleanser

$ 14.99

Have you heard of the oil cleansing method? This incredible method will leave your skin looking supple, dewy, and refreshed. Your skin needs oils and many harsh cleansers strips your skin of these important oils. It may sound counterintuitive, but using oils to cleanse helps gently cleanse and exfoliate and will not leave your face oily. To use, massage your...

Frankincense Body Cream

$ 19.99

Frankincense may be the most powerful and healing essential oil in the world. Now you can add it into your daily moisturizing routine. This supple body cream will not disappoint. This cream is made from some of the most premium ingredients on the market.  This healing cream includes powerful antioxidants that are intensely hydrating and will leave your skin moisturized,...

Frankincense Body Wash

$ 17.99

 Who doesn't love sacred frankincense? This healing and grounding oil is now available in a luxurious moisturizing SULFATE FREE body wash.  This body wash is so gentle and effective it is suitable as a shampoo as well. This soap is free of harsh chemicals and provides a safe and gentle foaming without the harmful effects of traditional sulfates used in body care. ...

Frankincense Collection

$ 49.99

This collection of sacred frankincense products are the epitome of luxury. Now you can have frankincense with you all the time, from the shower to your nighttime skincare routine. This collection makes the perfect gift for any of your loved ones.  By buying this collection you save over 20% compared to buying it separately.  This collection includes: Frankincense Body Wash, Frankincense Body...


Frankincense Facial Cream

$ 24.99 $ 20.00

Prepare to be amazed! These are the most premium ingredients available on the market all coming together into one cream. Creams of this quality normally sell for $60-$100. These ingredients will rejuvenate and revitalize the skin and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and dullness all while making the skin glow. This cream combines the ancient and sacred oils...

Micellar Water

Sold Out

Micellar water is a game changer in skincare.  Do you want great skin but can't commit to a complicated regime? Micellar water was made for you. It cleanses, tones, and moisturizes all in one.  Micelles are tiny, round surfactant molecules with one end that is attracted to oil (lipophilic), and one end attracted to water (hydrophilic) it is a quick...

Peppermint and Tea Tree Oil Body Wash

$ 14.99

Give your body the tingle it deserves! Wake yourself up in the morning with this cooling moisturizing SULFATE FREE body wash.  This body wash is so gentle and effective it is suitable as a shampoo as well. This soap is free of harsh chemicals and provides a safe and gentle foaming without the harmful effects of traditional sulfates used in body care.Ingredients:  Peppermint &...